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Myself with sixteen years experience in the Foreclosure/Mortgage Servicing Industry, and two attorneys with fifteen years of Foreclosure Litigation experience started Golden West Foreclosure Service, Inc. in July of 1990. We decided that providing great service to our client is the single most important aspect of our business. To provide a complete package in one office with one place to call for your entire Foreclosure, Bankruptcy and Eviction needs was the answer to providing that great service.

Our office is equipped with a State-of-the-Art Foreclosure Processing System All orders are processed immediately upon receipt, and recorded that same day or within 24-hours in most counties. We only work with the best Title Companies to assure you of timely and accurate Trustee Sale Guarantees. Trustee's Deeds are issued and sent for recording the day of your sale.

We provide system-generated status reports, weekly or monthly. Custom client reports are also available. We want to be sure that you and your staff are kept informed at all times. Other services available are Deed-In-Lieu Processing, Forbearance Agreements, Document Retrieval, Assignments, Reconveyances, Property Inspections, Broker Price Opinions, Bankruptcy Relief and REO Referral.

Golden West is an active member of the UTA (United Trustee's Association), and previously a member of the ITSO (Institute of Trustee's Sales Officers) organized in southern California. We have been guest speakers for these associations several times during the last 16 years.

We also maintain a million dollar Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance Policy.

If you have any questions about our company or the services we provide, please call our office today.


Sue A. Cooper


611 Veterans Blvd.., #217, Redwood City, CA 94063

(650) 369-5505